Mi9 Rich Media Billboard

Mi9 Rich Media Billboard

Campaign overview

The objective of StudioCanal with their Radioactive campaign was to drive awareness of the film release among their primary audience of females aged 18-plus through a high-impact solution. The main goal of the campaign was to drive traffic to cinema websites for movie times and ticket purchases.

The solution

Mi9 Rich Media Billboard, combining 15-second video embedded in a 970x250 display ad unit. This solution runs across Mi9 network sites MSN NZ, Business Insider,, Gizmodo, Lifehacker, Kotaku, POPSUGAR, MTV and Comedy Central. Audience targeting can be overlaid.

MSN NZ run of site 970x250

The results

  1. Click through rate (CTR) = 0.12%
  2. Clicks = 84
  3. Delivered impressions = 71,431

Results are based on one-week campaign duration.

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Radioactive film release




970x250 and 15-second video

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