Stanley St

MSN NZ Section Takeovers

MSN NZ Section Takeovers

Campaign overview

The objective of Stanley St with their Rebel Sport Queen’s Birthday campaign was to promote a sale event for Queen’s Birthday weekend targeting an audience interested in sport, exercise and wellbeing. The main goal of this campaign was high-impact and mass awareness of the one-day sale among the targeted demographic, alongside driving audience to the site for purchase.

The solution

MSN NZ Section Takeovers are 24-hour, 100% share of voice takeovers across the client’s choice of MSN NZ News, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Money, or Sport. This solution allows the client to be the only advertiser across their chosen MSN NZ Vertical for a 24-hour period of their choosing.

MSN NZ Lifestyle Homepage 970x250 and 300x600
MSN NZ Sport Homepage 970x250 and 300x600

The results

  1. Click-through rate (CTR) = 0.24%
  2. Clicks = 845
  3. Delivered impressions = 358,708

Results are based on one-day campaign duration.

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Rebel Sport Queen’s Birthday campaign


Stanley St


970x250 and 300x600

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