August 5, 2020

Having the right partners builds brands


Having the right partners builds brands

Mi9 believes in partnerships. We believe in creating connections that will not only add sustainable value to our clients but also will aid in building our brand. In this issue we spoke to one of our esteemed partners Dailymotion on their thoughts surrounding partners and the importance of Brand. 

The Importance of Understanding Why Brand Matters During a Pandemic

Founded in 2005, Dailymotion is a global video streaming service that connects over 250 million entertainment-seekers to their personal world of news and entertainment. Built on a clever player, intuitive algorithm, and on carefully selected recommendations made by our experts who really love great videos, Dailymotion is the one-stop place for enjoying stories from the best creators around in one heightened video experience. Dailymotion is owned by Vivendi and headquartered in Paris with offices in New York, Singapore and Marseille.

The Mi9 and Dailymotion partnership goes back to the 29th of November 2018. It has been a fruitful and engaging partnership between two leader brands and this month the Mi9 team had the opportunity to speak to Baptiste Archambault, Director of Marketing and Growth at Dailymotion on his thoughts around the importance of Brands, especially with the world going through a global pandemic. Below is what he had to say.

Having been in the online video business for 15 years, bringing billions of videos to audiences across 50 countries, nobody could have predicted the turn of events created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With individuals staying at home, we were interacting with an audience that was involuntarily more captive than usual. At the same time, we were also faced with unprecedented uncertainties, where advertisers were adapting media activities and reallocating budgets on a global scale.

Our brand values were the North Star

Throughout this crisis, our brand values were the North Star that guided our decision-making process. They provided us with a framework that ensured we kept our promise not only to our audiences, but also to our partners.

Our goal is to step away from the noise and content saturation and focus on providing our users with engaging videos that resonate with each individual. In a more ethical and refined watching environment, advertisers can be assured that their great ads are matched with the great content they deserve.

Home for what matters

Content is always from trusted sources. During the pandemic we paid careful attention to the balance we struck between news content and other content genres. We wanted to help our users stay informed, whilst at the same time not overwhelming them with “bad news”.

Despite having increased consumption across the board, we made a point to listen to our users, and recommended content that mattered to them through push notifications and email newsletters. Those that did not interact with a specific campaign were not retargeted. We made sure our content recommendations were valuable and enriched their watching experience.

Caring matters

In a time of uneasiness, empathy and respect are essential for creating a truly meaningful video experience. As a brand, showing care and knowing what matters to our users, partners and ourselves as a team is vital.

We have partnered with Goodeed, to commercially amplify their solidarity advertising format for agencies and advertisers. Distributing across our video inventory, part of the media budget invested by the advertiser is donated to a selected beneficiary.

We were not just able to stand in solidarity with those who are in need, but at the same time, empower advertisers to be more involved in social and environmental initiatives. Together, we enabled businesses to invest media budgets in a more responsible and sustainable manner, creating a more positive advertising impact. 

Taking campaigns to the next level

Our inhouse creative agency, NROLL, reinforces our brand value: Spark curiosity.

As it was even more crucial for advertisers to maximise the value of their ad dollars in this climate, we listened to them and tailored creative ad formats to match their KPIs.

By making bold ideas come alive, we created, produced and distributed original content for advertisers that enabled their ads to stand out.

Keeping our promise

Throughout this pandemic, businesses are constantly adapting and making changes. Delivering our promises as we consistently honor our brand values, can become a testament of Dailymotion’s commitment.  

Staying true to our promise to partners and users alike, is key in a pandemic, and staying on brand is our assurance that we are making the right decisions.

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