April 14, 2020

What’s the deal with brand safety


What’s the deal with brand safety

At Mi9 NZ we understand that our clients are faced with an overload of COVID-19 messaging right now. As much as we need to stay attuned to what is happening around us, we also need to meet the needs of our buyers. Therefore, in the interest of allowing buyers to either target or exclude COVID-19-related news, we have created two new targeted segments.

These are available as a Run of Network (RON) buy across all Display sizes, as well as our In-stream, Outstream and AllStream video products. Now you can be assured of a more granular solution, rather than just excluding the whole news section of the site. This will significantly increase the scale of the deal while maintaining COVID-19-related brand safety.

We have provided these deals at our base rates, with no additional data and contextual loading fees applied. If you would like a Fixed Price or First Look version of these deals this can also be arranged. Sounds ideal in the current circumstances, right? Reach out to Maria.Chan@mi9.co.nz, who can make this happen for you. She can also supply and update the complete list of keywords being targeted as needed.

For your easy reference we have compiled a PDF file of these deals which lists the current daily available impressions by size and their floor price.

Click and download this now.

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