May 18, 2020

Put that hamburger down


Put that hamburger down

From the Internet, to social platforms, to the television screen, Kiwis and the rest of the world have been bombarded with free online exercise courses, to healthy affordable eating plans. The Mi9 team decided to speak to a real live Kiwi expert and hero Dave Letele, who lives and breathes a healthy lifestyle and mindset every day of his life. Dave has shared some tips to help us live our best lives on a daily basis.  

After six weeks of being at Alert Level 4 lockdown, New Zealand was informed that we were moving to Alert Level 3 at 11:59am on the 27th of April. The excitement seemed less about moving down a level, but more about the fact that Kiwi’s favourite fast food joints would now be operating. Suddenly all the healthy eating and exercise regimes that had been put into place seemed for naught as hundreds of Kiwis started lining up at midnight to get their fix of their favourite fast food. The fast food craving was almost a pandemic in itself.

But surely all these weeks of self-control and resistance could not have been for nothing. Are we that weak as human beings?  Mi9 spoke to David (Brown Buttabean) Letele who is pretty well known in New Zealand. 


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Dave’s journey started with his own weight loss story. Having lost over 100kg through good nutrition and exercise, Dave now dedicates his time to helping others do the same by teaching them how to live the BBM lifestyle - Brain, Body, Movement. BBM has helped New Zealand communities lose thousands of kilos, and even helped reverse type 2 diabetes. To date, the programme has reached over 8000 members and saved countless lives, so it’s no wonder that the Mi9 team had to speak to this amazing individual.

In his video Dave outlines four basic tips to living a healthy lifestyle from

  • Just starting
  • Staying consistent
  • Jump back on the wagon and
  • Surrounding yourself with good people

To hear more around each tip you can view Dave’s video here            

When Dave is not helping people shed a kilogram at a time, this former Auckland boxer is also dedicating himself to worthy causes. On the 2nd of May 2020, a free drive-through influenza vaccination station was set up in South Auckland at the BBM Motivation building (Dave’s headquarters).

"This is the only drive-thru that we should be waiting for, never mind those other ones that make you wait for hours. You come through here, you park up, they get all your details. It's basically as if you were at the doctor's but you're in your car. All the people behind us are trained medical staff."

David Letele says.

Letele further went on to state that this was a collaborative effort between Alliance Health Plus Southpoint Family Doctors and BBM Motivation, and was done to help the community and the vulnerable. 

The full article on this initiative can be found at

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