June 7, 2020

Local success story


Local success story

COVID-19 saw many small businesses shut their doors, and unfortunately for some that meant forever. What this pandemic did teach many, is that being able to pivot as a business is critical to your ongoing survival.

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One such Kiwi business is Fiasco. This local business based in Cambridge, New Zealand designs and builds innovative, robust road cases, shock racks and drape kits and was founded by Joe Bradford and Matt Waterhouse who had the vision of making road cases that weren't, as they put it, “crap”. Determined to put an end to inefficiency and chaos, the pair set about designing their dream road cases for better touring.

Brett Wallace - Sales, Fiasco

Mi9 spoke to Brett Wallace, who heads up Sales for Fiasco, and picked his brain on how this company navigated through the pandemic to come out on the other side “Due to the pandemic our team had to radically pivot our business to survive” says Wallace.

Other than business as usual on their core offerings, Wallace and the Fiasco team also designed and manufactured two new products to stay in the game, and ahead of the game.

Screen Serve

Safe store screens for staff and customers and; portable room dividers/screens for hospitals, pharmacies, grocery stores and essential industries during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Work from Home Desks

These easy to assemble, no nails home desks were designed for remote working. They are ergonomically designed, cost-effective and come in various designs to suit a working professional to a little child.

In this video Wallace speaks in more detail about Fiasco’s pivot strategy and approach and how the business reinvented itself amidst COVID-19.

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